What the heck is a dopejam?

Excellent question!

Back in the day when the internet was exploding, everyone was squatting on domains, and people were writing bots to register every word and two and three word combinations for domain names.

I just wanted to get a domain for my personal blog (before the word blog even existed), and everything I was trying was coming back as taken. I even tried the top keyboard row dot com (qwertyuiop.com – which at the time of this writing, is still taken). The radio was playing the background, and in the song I heard a phrase containing “dope jam”, so for fun I tried “dopejam.com” and it came back as available.

Good enough, I’ll take it.

The pronunciation of my name.

The problem with Q in my name is that in the English language, a U always follows. So by instinct people think the pronunciation is something along the lines of “Tarique”. It’s technically “TAR” + “ICK”, but I introduce myself as “TEAR”+”ICK” (rhymes with Eric, Derek, etc…).

Who am I?

I’m the Sr. Manager of Software Engineering and Business Intelligence for Amcom Technology, located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Amcom is an I.T consulting company providing end-to-end services from networking, email, security, to my division which provides full stack software development (web and mobile) as well as business intelligence solutions to our customers.


Professional areas of interest include organizational change, leadership, strategic planning, agile/scrum/hybrid project management methodologies, business intelligence, web development, rich internet applications (RIA’s), and mobile development. Overall I specialize in helping businesses maximize their agility and profitability by capitalizing on their digital platform, providing a competitive advantage through technological superiority (capability, productivity, efficiency, and automation), and increasing revenues by bringing new software products and services to market.

Personal areas of interest include custom car audio, mountain biking, action and horror movies, home theater, electronic music (dubstep, dnb, etc…), investing, and video gaming.

Career in a nutshell.

My career started at the ripe age of 10 when I began coding using BASIC on a VIC-20 (saving applications to a tape drive). As time went I moved on to the Commodore 64 (machine language), Amiga (C), and eventually the Unix (C++) and Windows (C++) platforms.

My formal career began at Bell Sygma Telecom Solutions (a subsidiary of Bell Canada) based out of Canada, where I introduced the web as not only an online information platform, but also as a hardware agnostic application platform to this monolithic 30,000 employee enterprise. In my early 20s I created Bell’s first public website, and toured across the company teaching other software teams how to write web applications.

I then did a stint at PSINet implementing Canada’s first national eCommerce solution before migrating to California where I worked at a REUTERS subsidiary known as TIBCO Finance . TIBCO Finance is sister to the more well known TIBCO Software, where I worked as the lead developer creating portal/content management systems.

Up until this point I was developing in C, C++, and Perl. However while I was at REUTERS, I discovered ColdFusion (an Allaire product, which was then acquired by Macromedia, and then acquired by Adobe), and have continued to use it due to its rapid application development nature and its ability to turn around a business solution quickly. My team and I used ColdFusion to create a custom built web content management system / portal solution (in those days mature CMS and portal solutions didn’t exist), and we went on to re-purpose it at the REUTERS corporate level as part of their intranet (to much fanfare).

After REUTERS I joined eBay, where my next major technology adoption occurred with the discovery of Adobe Flex. I lead the campaign to adopt Flex (back at version 1.5) within the Operations organization, which then later proliferated to other organizations (eBay is now a heavy adopter of Flex for internal productivity tools and externally with their AIR client and ActionScript API libraries).

Now at Amcom Technology, I oversee all software development and business intelligence activities for Amcom’s clients. My team specializes in web based applications using ColdFusion, Flex, jQuery, Groovy/Grails, SQL Server, and MicroStrategy. Although business activities are a key role, I continue to stay hands on in order to stay close to technology.

Author experience

I’m the lead author of Flex 3 In Action and Flex 4 In Action (FiA) – a book designed for coders who come from traditional web technologies. FiA progressively takes coders on a journey of understanding. Flex can easily be frustrating to newcomers who are used to the ease of their current language, so FiA takes an approach of leveraging your existing skills by using examples that you can relate to in your current tech vs. how it’s done in Flex. It gradually introduces topics on an as-needed basis so that you only need to worry about learning one thing at a time. Plus various ways of doing the same thing are explained in depth so that you understand your options… and lastly, FiA makes learning Flex fun!


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