Movie Review: Dredd

Jan 27

Dredd2012PosterI have to say I liked it.

It’s not one of those “I could watch it a few times over it’s that awesome,” but it kept my interest.

It has a -bit- of that Zack Snyder (Sucker Punch, Watchmen) / Frank Miller (Sin City, The Spirit) feel to it. So if you don’t like that style of movie, then you wouldn’t like Dredd.

One slight thing that didn’t quite jive is that they mention (if I heard correctly) that the unemployment rate is 95%. Yet they show the city at night, and all the buildings had the lights on. So if almost everyone were unemployed, they wouldn’t be able to pay their rent, or pay their electrical bill. In fact, there would be no tax revenue either in order to pay for any form of government or services (such as the Judges). It’d effectively become a government-less collection of tribes functioning on a barter system.

But… I like Karl Urban, so I’ll look that over. Karl did an incredible job in the last Star Trek as Leonard McCoy/Bones, and of course as Eomer in Lord of the Rings (lead military guy of the horse riders of Rohan).

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