Movie review: Remains

Feb 22


Not bad for a low budget zombie movie.

The source of the outbreak is radiation and/or chemical in nature. The only clue there is a reference to some military explosion.

It’s about a group of survivors who are trapped in a Reno, Nevada casino who are trying to figure out a way to escape. What’s interesting is that it has Lance Reddick, a pro level actor, who plays a relatively minor role.

Lance is known for his prominent role in the FOX series Fringe, as well as playing parts in shows like The Wire, Lost, etc…

The main weakness to the movie is that a number of zombies have clearly fake and plastic looking prosthetic attachments, which subsequently makes it difficult to achieve a suspension of disbelief. If they could have improved on the realism on the zombies they do a close up shot on, it would have helped the movie achieve a few more notches up.

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