Review: Rise of the Zombies and War of the Dead

May 28

Rise Of The Zombies

Rise Of The Zombies

When you have Danny Trejo involved, what more can you ask for? Also added to the cast is Levar Burton (aka Geordi Laforge, the Engineer from Star Trek – Next Generation), and the guy who plays Jesse in The Fast and The Furious (the dude with the white VW).

For a low budget movie, the film quality is high, and the concept and story are decent. However the zombie actors are horrible and they draw your attention to the low budget-ness of it all.

Worth a NetFlix watch.


This zombie flick is surprisingly good. Admittedly there were parts where I was on my laptop and not fully paying attention and missed what exactly caused the outbreak (something to do with some mystical gadget).

I liked the story, film quality, and acting. Note however these aren’t classic zombies, they’re extremely fast, strong, and have a degree of intelligence in that they can fight hand to hand combat.

Worth a NetFlix watch.

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