Review: Schwinn Airdriver 1100 bicycle pump

Apr 24

schwinnLast year I bought a Schwinn Airdriver 1100 while shopping at Target. The packaging was slick, and it seemed to be a versatile pump.  I now regret that decision.  Because of my local bike shop (topic for another post), I have a presta valve on the front tire, and schrader valve on the back. As a result, it takes 30 minutes to pump them up.

It’s ridiculously complicated, and the problem stems from the process of configuring the pump for the type of valve you want to use, which is a process of trial and error.  For awhile I thought maybe mine was broken, but after some searching and reading reviews found that others have been experiencing similar issues.

Bottom Line

Save yourself a headache and never buy a Schwinn pump.

One comment

  1. chuck corbett /

    I’m a mechanical engineer and have never been able to get this pump to work. Schwinn should be ashamed to produce a product this poor.

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