Review: XPEDO FaceOff 13 Flat Pedals

Oct 19

xpedo1Is there really that much that can go into a pedal? I find these top 10 pedal lists interesting as I doubt for the average person there would be any discernible  difference at the level we’re talking about (high end high quality brands).

The immediate factors include price, weight, and thickness. So with that said I went for what visually looks unique and the XPEDO FaceOff 13’s really stand out with their unconventional design.

  • Weighing in at 380g they’re fairly light (though you’d have to be a real weight weenie for 100g to make a difference to you).
  • Grip wise they’re amazing, and I don’t feel I’m compromising by not using clipless pedals on the climbs.
  • They’re very low profile/thin, which provides a bit of extra clearance.
  • Quality/build is fantastic, providing a very solid feel and inspiring a lot of confidence.

Highly recommended!

xpedo2 xpedo3

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