What the heck is a dopejam?

Excellent question!

It’s a rather meaningless word. Back in the very early days of the web when everyone was squatting on domains I was struggling to find a domain that wasn’t taken.

I had the radio on, and some rap song mentioned “dope jam”, so I punched that in to see if it was free, and low and behold it was. So that’s where that came from.

The pronunciation of my name.

The Q causes a lot of grief, in summary it’s TEREK (as in rhymes with DEREK).

The more authentic pronunciation that’s even hard for me to sound out is TAR-RICK.

Who am I?

I’m the Director of Software Engineering for Teletrac Navman, based out of our San Francisco Bay Area based office. You can find more on my professional side of life at AFTERSHOX.COM.

Personal interests include mountain biking, electronic music (DNB predominantly), photography (not very good at it though), and video editing.


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