Tariq Ahmed

Mountain Biking

Review: G-Form Knee Pads

November 24, 2013

Earlier in the year I took a jump and didn’t land it properly – resulting in a severe laceration (as documented in this prior post), and ever since then…

Cool Watch Of The Day

CWOTD: Arnaud Tellier 2LMX

July 6, 2013

 Only 5 of these are made per year, with the ability to hold 1000 hours of power before it needs to be rewound, and likewise takes 1000 man hours…


Review: Rise of the Zombies and War of the Dead

May 28, 2013

When you have Danny Trejo involved, what more can you ask for? Also added to the cast is Levar Burton (aka Geordi…


Review: Apocalypse Z – The Beginning of the End

April 28, 2013

As my first Kindle e-book, this was a great read. It uses a blog / diary style to write the story from the perspective of the main character as…

Cool Watch Of The Day

CWOTD: Fonderie AK-47

April 6, 2013

Only 20 of these to be made, half in 18K rose gold and the remaining 10 in 18K white gold. This will set you back by only a mere…

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