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Tariq Ahmed
SF Bay Area, California

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It was a good run since my last visit to the ER, had a lot of epic spills over the years, and very close calls, but was lucky enough did not end up in the emergency room until now.

I was up in Canada visiting my parents and decided to take my daughter snowboarding (as she wanted to try it). It started off rough as being new to it as well is much harder than I had expected, so we got an instructor and things began to go well. So after lunch we decided to try something a bit more challenging and went up the beginner hill; I got to the top, strapped in, and ended up going weak foot forward.

I figured that’s natural for snowboarding in that you should be to able to go in any direction. That was not a good decision, as I ended up losing my balance, falling back hard, and landed on my wrist – breaking it.

Walked down to the bottom of the hill and showed my wrist to my daughter, asking her “something doesn’t look right?” She thought it was a sprain, and suggested we go back.

So I went to the rental return place, and asked if they had a medic, and after examining the situation he put a splint on and recommended I see a doctor ASAP.

I asked “like today?” And he’s like, “yeah, today!”

I then drove home with one hand, managing the pain, grabbed my dad and my wife and went over to the hospital. After waiting for awhile, they took X Rays and after determining that it was indeed broken, they took me in for a quick procedure where they put me under in order to move things back into position.

Big kudos to the folks at Monfort Hospital, they were awesome. But doesn’t end there as I had to cut the trip short by a week, and schedule surgery with an orthopedic surgeon to determine if surgery is needed in order to permanently fix it… which has turned out to be the case.

So biking will have to remain paused for now, unfortunately.

In in reflecting upon it I wish I’d spent more time watching YouTube beginner videos as there are some key tips that I’d wish I had known about. I watched a few, but after going back to YouTube to try figuring out I came across some really good ones.

Another tip for newbies – use wrist guards. Wish I had thought about this beforehand. Live and learn!

Temp splint from the ski place


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