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Rapid Review: Club Ride Apparel

December 22, 2020

Well the cooler season is here in California, and depending on the time of day, the temperature in winter riding can be in the 30s to the mid 50s.

So I have my setup for fall weather, hot weather, and extreme cold weather… but 45-55 is a range I don’t really have a good option for and end up feeling too cold or too hot.

Recently saw a review of Club Ride Apparel from SingleTracks (see link, has more close up pics) that caught my eye, so decided to give it a try.

tl;dr > NOTICEABLY high quality, space age fabrics that are perfect for that temperature range.

The quality is insane – lightweight, but feels like they could stop bullets. Really study construction, feels like if you took a tumble, it’ll be the ground that suffers the worst of it.

My inaugural run was 50s but on a very windy and chilly day. The wind just went around the clothes like a shield, and the heat and moisture management was perfect. And all I was wearing was the shirt and pants with no other layers.

Love the style as well. Most of my riding wardrobe is the screaming graphics and loud colors, but I’m liking this more casual look where you could go hang out after riding.

The pants are awesome as well. Plenty of nice deep pockets, and there’s an inner strap that let’s you fold it up and button up to shorten the pants when riding. I found they still would pass over the chain ring, so will use a strap to secure that side of my leg.

I normally wear 30-31Wx30L pants, and the size small is basically a 30×32 pants. So I just took some thread and needle and did a novice job at shortening it myself. That would be my only gripe is having the same inseam length for all sizes is unfortunate.

But overall highly recommend this brand!


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