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Rapid Review: Mobius X8 Wrist Guard

June 29, 2020

As you saw from the previous post – I broke my wrist back in December which resulted in having to get surgery. After months of recovery and the wrist feeling pretty good, I was ready to get back out there and start mountain biking again.

Though they did say it could take a year to fully recover, and especially with a pandemic going on, the hospital is the last place I want to be. So I looked at a few wrist guard options and decided on the Mobius X8, and I am very pleased with this choice.

You may be taken aback by the the price tag ($200) relative to other options out there (e.g. Troy Lee WS5205’s for $35), but let me tell you – it’s totally worth it as it is way cheaper than medical bills.

The Mobius X8 has a very unique way of twisting this dial to tighten these support cables which make for a very snug and secure fit that’s exactly how tight you want. And there’s an adjustable range limited where you can control how far back you want your wrist to bend.

This YouTube Video explains how the tightening system works.

And as un-luck would have it, I’ve already wiped out while wearing it, and it is 100% legit. It is amazing how well it works – I just need to get another one for the other hand. Though when I fall I do tend to favor on the right.

Bottom line – if you’re into mountain biking, motocross, snowboarding, or anything that has a probable risk of falling hard, get it.

Mobius X8


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