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Review: Driven Sports Craze Nutrition Supplement

May 3, 2012

Driven Sports Craze Nutrition This stuff is incredibly potent, and I’m not anywhere near to exaggerating. I’ve taken energy/metabolism boosters before, and they’d give me that jittery feeling, but Craze doesn’t seem to have that side effect.

The instructions say to take it 6hrs before going to sleep. The first time I tried it using only half a dose at 8pm and ended up being awake till 2am. The second time I tried it was on a Thursday where I was completely exhausted from a long week. So I figured it’d be safe to take a scoop at 7pm… I was up till 4am. I was completely alert during all that time, and I thought I’d end up suffering the next day at work, but I felt totally fine surprisingly.

[box type=”warning”] As a word of caution I’d suggest taking it much earlier in the day. And as each day progresses push forward the time at which you take it and note when it wears off for you. What you’re trying to do is get it as close to your workout as possible, which is challenging if you’re like me (I hit the gym at 9:30pm). [/box]

As for the weight lifting side of things it seems to improve the intensity and endurance. But it’s hard to tell if that’s just a placebo effect.

I’ll loop back and revise this review after going through a full package.



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